Uniform Process Equals Consistent Returns

Identify Emerging Markets

Target markets that have positive trends in population, employment, income, occupancy rates, absorption rates, premier business movement and public policy initiatives, such as public transportation, cultural centers and new schools.

Source Premium Value-Add Deals

Use our extensive network of brokers, special asset divisions of lenders and property owners to locate off-market deals in target markets.

Execute Extensive Due-Diligence

Analyze the deal via our proprietary due-diligence software and evaluate property inspection, survey, title and financial statements to confirm that the deal is suitable for our investment objectives.

Secure Relation Based Financing

Use our longstanding relationships with lenders to secure favorable terms on financing.

Reposition the Asset for Capital Event

Renovate and upgrade the exterior, common areas, and individual units of the property to increase occupancy and revenue while decreasing long-term expenses, turnover, and delinquencies.

Busineass team on a morning briefing; business meeting and presentation in a modern office