Our Expertise is Your Opportunity

  • Mismanaged assets are trading at discounted pricing
  • Emerging markets have assets trading below replacement cost
  • Size transactions are available that allow for economies of scale
  • Financing rates are near historic lows
  • Tax abatements and tax credits are prevalent
  • Value-add income producing real estate is largely tax sheltered

SilverBrick targets mismanaged properties where repositioning can unlock hidden value. Our experience, access to deal flow, industry relationships and focus on our niche market gives us a competitive advantage. We specifically target non-institutionally owned properties that are at least 80% residential. By singularly investing in niche properties, our expertise in this space is exceptional. Further, non-institutionally owned properties often present better value-add opportunities where cost-effective capital improvements and proactive management can dramatically improve occupancy rates and net operating income. We believe the current market provides a rare opportunity for premium returns because mismanaged properties are trading at discounted prices and financing rates are near historic lows. SilverBrick provides its investors with quarterly distributions in perpetuity or lump sum distributions from liquidity events. Distributions are largely tax-sheltered, creating an effective return that can be much higher than alternative instruments, such as stock market dividends, treasuries, CDs or gold.

Real estate agent and businessman customer, Image taken at average residential area with multiple ownership block of flats type of buildings.